Kho Khao Island – เกาะคอเขา

by Yanitha
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Very few people will know and have experience traveling on Kho Khao Island, a small island located near Takua Pa District. But if you try to visit once you will find that this island has many interesting things; quiet and beautiful beaches, simple lifestyle of the islander. This place is suitable for people who want to escape from the bustle of the city, discover real relaxation.

Koh Kho Khao is located on the Andaman Sea coast. About 12 kilometers from Takua Pa district and about 80 kilometers from Phang Nga province and 2 hours and a half driving from Phuket International Airport then transfer to the island by ferry.

This island there are still traces of the glorious ancient civilization. Archaeologists assume that Ko Kho Khao and the former harbor are part of the trade route connecting India, China, the Middle East and Malaysia.  According to evidence, the town of Thung Tuk, Takua Pa district, Phang Nga province had been an ancient port and international trading post that prospered from the 13th to 16th Buddhist centuries (AD 8th -11th centuries).

Kho Khao Island covers an area of ​​63 square kilometers, or approximately 39,375 rai. The western side of the island is a flat plan and a significant portion of the western land has been taken for agricultural uses such as coconut plantations, rubber plantations and palm oil. This is not very intensive agriculture and it certainly does not negate the generally unspoiled feel of the island. The eastern side of the island is hilly and has natural areas of mangrove forests and rainforest. You can do some bird watching or take a kayak through the mangroves.

If you drive all the way to the northwest corner of the island right thru Nok Na Village there is a stunning wide stretch of sand with a nice rustic restaurant and a handfull of bungalows. It is a glorious location to have an evening meal and watch the sunset.

There is a small waterfall at the northeast part of the island. Toan Thong Waterfall is not very impressive and in fact it can dry up to no more than a trickle during long dry periods. It is still a very picturesque location.


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